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As students at Bucknell University, we were tired of seeing the same college apparel over and over again around campus. We wanted something different, something that stood out from the crowd. How could we capture how special Bucknell was to us in a single design? Watching a particularly beautiful sunset from the quad in the midst of the three most recognizable buildings on campus, the Elaine Langone Center to the east, Bertrand Library to the south, and Rooke Chapel to the west, we realized, the answer was right in front of us. By combining iconic architecture and vibrant colors into a single skyline, we could capture the unique spirit of our favorite school and share it with other students, fans, and alumni.


Bucknell University, Rooke Chapel (Image)

Bucknell University, Rooke Chapel (Image)


We sold our first skyline shirts to a small boutique in Lewisburg, PA (shoutout to Connie at Retrah!). At the time, we had no idea that the brand would one day be worn by students, fans, and alumni from coast to coast. We were just stoked to close our first deal. The early days were scrappy and we grew as all the great startups have, tagging and shipping shirts from Alex’s downtown fraternity house, then working out of a family garage. In 2016, we made the big jump to open the official Uscape HQ in Irvine, CA. It’s great to have our own space where our awesome team of school spirit-loving employees can work together under the watchful eye of our Chief Barketing Officer, Winston.


As our brand has grown, our designs have evolved too. The local pride and passion we saw at our midwest schools inspired our State Skyline designs, west coast surf culture influenced our Retro and Circle Skyline designs, and the preppy culture of our northeast and southern schools is reflected in the bright sunsets in our Original Skyline designs. We love to hear how our designs take people back to their college days (“I used to study until 2AM in that building!”), start conversations between strangers in foreign countries, and make people excited to bring Uscape to their own schools.


We’ve found that every fan, student, and alumni wants apparel that they’re proud to wear. You deserve to Rep Your Skyline® and we’re hard at work bringing Uscape to colleges and universities across the country! We take school pride seriously and promise to bring you the very best in college apparel without compromising style, comfort, or ethics.